Part FERGAMAR team in SUB-21 game of the Spanish National team

España contra Bosnia

Part of the Fergamar team with the family enjoying the match of the SUB-21, in a thrilling duel between the “rojita” U21 and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

With a score of 3-2

Match for the classification of the XX European Championships Sub 21 which will be played in the Czech Republic 2015.

See match report


The French ecotasa truck, up

The French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) has issued a press release announcing the opening of the registration period of the vehicle users who choose to subscribe to an authorized electronic toll service, called "subscribed users".

One of those companies, Ecomouv, is ready to begin the records. The conclusion of the first stage has been possible thanks to the collaboration between Ecomouv and the six companies authorized electronic toll service (Axxès, DKV, EUROTOLL, RESSA, TELEPASS and TOTAL).

Users subscribers can register from now one of the companies authorized electronic toll service, allowing concerted benefit from a reduction of the rate of 10%.

Instead, users who do not want to use the services of an authorized (so-called "paid users") may register directly with Ecomouv from August 2013.

Logging operations vehicles subject to the green tax will be processed by staff Ecomouv.

The 44 tons in France, up

The French Transport Ministry has set specific conditions that allow the movement of goods by road vehicles up to 44 tons, beyond containers or swap bodies as part of a combined transport operation. This officially published a timetable that will adapt gradually.

France has approved the amendment of the Directive on Weights and Dimensions, articulated vehicles to accept road freight weighing up to 44 tons.

So far, only supported this expansion weight to transport ISO containers or swap bodies that were part of a combined transport operation. But from now on, the rule was extended to articulated vehicles and road trains have a maximum of 40 tons, with 5/6 axes, in combination 2 +3, 3 +2 and 3.

Time constraints are applied based on the age of vehicles. The French Ministry of Transportation has set specific conditions for its release by the country's roads. The schedule is as follows:

  • As of September 30, 2014: when the vehicle has been registered after the October 1, 2001 (Euro 3)
  • As of September 20, 2017: when the vehicle has been registered after the October 1, 2006 (Euro 4 and Euro 5)
  • Vehicles registered after the October 1, 2009

Guipúzcoa want to apply new tolls to transport the October 1, 2014

As of October 1 next year, the N-1, the A-15, N-121-A and the Gi-632 will no longer be free for carriers. Guipúzcoa Provincial Council has decided to apply tolls to sections of these pathways with specific: Gipuzkoa passenger but not pay the rest, and for trucks, there will be a 13% discount if you make more than 15 trips per month.

New entry into force of the eco-tax in France: January 1, 2014

The French Government has just announced again delaying the entry into force of the eco-tax on the country's roads: will be from January 1, 2014 when all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes that pass or transit through the territory French must carry a valid GPS device to manage this toll.