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Fergamar guarantees that your goods will be delivered to any destination in Europe and on the date indicated for the well-being of your business. The most common destinations for our vehicles are France, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark... These countries have marked the beginning of our activity, as well as the development of our experience and know-how.

Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania... have become our new horizons and markets. We apply the knowledge acquired in the effectiveness of transport adapting to these new scenarios. All this accompanied a change of business policy to consolidate our position in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe.

We have the flexibility to consolidate your cargo, grouping your different goods by picking them up at different loading points. Or, if required, we can also adapt to multiple deliveries.

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Through our refrigerated goods transhipment points in Barcelona, Tudela, Madrid and the south of France (Perpignan and Avignon), we improve and adapt to the needs of our customers, maintaining the optimum quality of the cargo. The professionalism of the logistics in the groupage platforms in Madrid and Barcelona improves the distribution at national level.

In addition to exportwe also offer an import service. All our destinations become the origin of new trips.

Fergamar Logística se ha ido afianzando como transportista en el desarrollo de tráfico de mercancías perecederas, refrigeradas y congeladas hacia Europa del Este. No dude por ello en contactar con nuestro departamento comercial o de Tráfico para obtener su mejor cotización, con el coste más competitivo y adaptado a los requerimientos y estándares de calidad más exigentes del mercado logístico.

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